Sunday, 21 March 2010

Image Editing

I thought I'd have a go at editing my favourite image from my set, which was the one of the doll laying in the road.

For the first edit I simply took my edited version, duplicated the layer and burnt the image on top of itself, then made it black and white, and erased the doll to keep it in colour. I feel this works quite well as it really brings the focus to the doll.

For my next edit I took the first edit and decided to add some blood, to bring some 'life' (or in this case death) to the doll. I did this by using a brush tip to put the blood in, then changed the opacity to make it look as if the doll is on the ground. I'm not sure if the blood looks too fake, although obviously with the doll being representative of a child then of course the blood would be fake...

With this edit I really went to town! First I added a picture of some worn, textured paper to a new layer to give it a 'gritty' effect. I then added the school sign from one of my other images, rotated it slightly and erased the background, then changed the opacity as it looked too bold. I am really pleased with how it turned out, as it perhaps make it a bit more obvious that it was a child that had been knocked over.

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